About Me

I am tall
I love to talk
I wear glasses

That is how I normally describe myself so can see no reason to not do it here as well.
I grew up in Kalannie, headed to Perth to boarding school (as my children will do, and it will break my heart) went to uni, worked as an Engineer, but came full circle, married a farmer and learnt a love for the land and my surrounds that I had taken for granted as a child.

Choosing such a dry profession, I have always enjoyed. needed an additional creative outlet in my life, photography makes me feel whole, complete – it feeds my creative desires, my technical brain and my thirst for knowledge.

I love meeting people, spending time with families, witnessing them as they are, right now, right at this moment.

I enjoy portraits of all people, from newborns to grandparents, and all the stages of life in between. As we live on the edge of the wheatbelt I am quite happy to travel, anywhere in fact, so I encourage you to get in touch with me, whether you live in Perth, Pemberton, Jurien Bay or anywhere in between.

Due to our isolation, people being in short supply, and being surrounded by such wide inspiring open spaces I also photograph landscapes to satisfy my photographic addiction. I eagerly await the golden glow every evening, and hope that the storm clouds not only deliver rain for the crops, but spectacular skies for me to capture.

I am enjoying this journey of mine that is photography – please join me…

C l i e n t   I n f o