Brad + Ash | Lake Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Brad and Ash met when they were teenagers, love at first sight across a dusty cut up paddock you could say. They have been there for eachother ever since. Their wedding day was a celebration of them. And, as it turns out, all that was to come in a short time, as their beautiful little girl was in a hurry to join their family. They will be amazing to each other, and their little girl and I wish for them all of their dreams.

Here is their day at Lake Charlotte in Wooroloo:
Firstly the boys – yes it would have been funny if they had actually followed through and fallen in the pool – I was only slightly concerned 🙂

Beautiful girls, where I discovered a special secret.

Lots of tears and smiles:

Oh my goodness, what a fun bridal party!

And some more beautiful moments, and the secret is announced, yay!!!

It was such a special day to be a part of, I enjoyed every minute, even shed quite a few tears.

Thank you Brad and Ash, you are both amazing.

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