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    Hello, What is your story? Let me help me tell it for you. I am a family and wedding photographer based in the small wheatbelt town of Kalannie, I travel to Perth and throughout country WA to meet and share time with clients in their homes and surrounds. I will be a witness for you; soaking up your baby's newborn smell, enjoying your children's laughter, celebrating the years you have been together, and I will present to you a collection of images that are a precious reminder of those most important to you. I love photographing weddings, but only a limited number per year. I want to help tell you story, so until we meet, Jo

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Dale and Penny’s Beautiful Wedding Day

I love weddings, I love seeing couples start the rest of their lives together, and I was very lucky to photograph Dale and Penny’s wedding for them so I saw most of it happen through my lens.  Now I also get to relive every moment whilst I edit the images, I see every laugh, tear, hear every word, enjoy every moment, every time I see these images.

I could keep going over and over them, keeping them to myself, like a glorious little secret, but it is time to share a few.  Dale and Penny enjoy, I hope your family and friends from afar enjoy them, and get to experience a little piece of your special day.  All the love in the world to you both xx

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Old Friends| Wagin Family Photographer

I love that photography gives our family an excuse to head off the farm together, an excuse to catch up with friends we haven’t seen for a long time. It is a catalyst for us to open our eyes and see more around us.
This last weekend we all headed to Wagin for me to photograph 2 families. Wal used to go to school with Dad. So they go way back. Karen and I have met up a few times, but this was the first chance to chat about all things, kids, health, education, life etc etc, and Karen is just like me in the chatting department so there was a lot of sharing to be done!!

This was the first time all our kids had met, and they had a great time, although Morgan may have been more impressed by the Fairlane!!

This is a family who love being together, and make you feel so happy to be around them as they interact with their kids.

Thankyou so much again for having us to stay in your beautiful home guys, here is just a taste.

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Dalwallinu Police Ball 2011 | Dalwallinu Family Photographer

What a blast!!!

So much fun, perhaps even too much fun, was had on Saturday night.  I loved seeing everyone looking so beautiful, and enjoying themselves with their friends at the Inaugural Dalwallinu Police Ball.  The community came out in droves, as did the heirachy of the police force.  The auction was very well supported raising funds for the community and Police Legacy.

Slim Jim and the Phatts had everyone dancing all night.

And the lure of the paparazzi (moi!) was too much to resist as everyone enjoyed being the star on my little stage for their 15 seconds!

Here is a taste of the gallery to come: 

dally police ball 2011

People, I will post a link to the gallery when it is ready for your orders, if you would like an order form and the link please email me your email address.

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Because Life is Short, Because you are loved | WA Family Photographer

Sometimes we forget that life is short, we forget to take the time to appreciate and enjoy and breathe in all who are important to us. Sometimes we need a little reminding.

In the future I plan to develop further the concept of [Beloved] in my sessions. As I feel that it is the essence of why we take the time to “have portraits taken” of us with our families.

During a portrait session you commit your time, and a space is provided that allows you to enjoy eachother; to experience eachother. The images that result from a session with me are doorways; reminders of just how important you are to eachother.

Mother’s Day is approaching. A reason to get together, to remember.

I will be offering a Mother’s Day special soon but just wanted to encourage you to start thinking, start remembering:

if you are a child
if you are a partner
if you are a mother

you are special…

You Are Loved {WA Family Photographer}

you are adored…

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Holidays with friends | Greenhead Family Photographer

We have known Ralphy and Jane for almost forever.  We have pretty much known them only as “Ralphy and Jane”, and likewise they have known us as “Wal and Jo” give or take perhaps a month.  We have been through parties, camping, weddings, babies, school days, schemes, and Wal and Ralphy’s generally ill-fated adventures… Each year we see them for holidays as they dont live near us anymore.  We each have 3 kids, the last ones 2 very special little boys who keep us all young!!! 

So whilst in Greenhead for a week during January we enjoyed a fun early morning session.  I now look at these images and can hear the kids laughing, hear Jane encouraging Ralphy to “play along” and hear Ralphy whispering secrets in Janey’s ear!  And I smile, as I am SO happy to have this wonderful family in our families lives.

dyke {WA Family Photographer}-1

dyke {wa family photographer}

dyke {WA Family Photographer}-4

dyke {WA Family Photographer}-2

and one last one

dyke {WA Family Photographer}-3

So, shall we do the same next year but at some exotic location guys?

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