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    Hello, What is your story? Let me help me tell it for you. I am a family and wedding photographer based in the small wheatbelt town of Kalannie, I travel to Perth and throughout country WA to meet and share time with clients in their homes and surrounds. I will be a witness for you; soaking up your baby's newborn smell, enjoying your children's laughter, celebrating the years you have been together, and I will present to you a collection of images that are a precious reminder of those most important to you. I love photographing weddings, but only a limited number per year. I want to help tell you story, so until we meet, Jo

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Caryn and Matt Just Married | Perth WA Wedding Photographer

Weddings; an opportunity to watch, to take part in something special, to remember our own commitments. I was honoured to be asked by Caryn and Matt to photograph their wedding last month. It was a beautiful day, filled with special moments, and memories for them to look back on with love and joy as they travel the rest of their journey together with Savannah. (Who, I might add, nearly stole the show at the ceremony, she is just too adorable). Now, I am sharing a few parts of their day with you. (Well quite a few actually, I couldn’t resist.)
Watch and enjoy, and remember, if you can, a few moments you have spent with your own special someone.

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2 week old Anya | Perth Newborn Photographer

Welcome little one,
welcome to the family.
We are so blessed
that you have arrived.
A precious gift,
a little girl,
sweet Anya.


Congratulations Tramp and Michelle, she is divine.

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A Family of 5 | Perth Newborn Photographer

A boom time in this family, with 2 beautiful grand daughters born within weeks of eachother. This time I headed to Perth to meet the gorgeous Georgie, and her big sister and big brother. They are now a family of 5. 5 fills a car, fills a room, and most importantly fills your heart. So wonderful for Georgie to be a part of this beautiful family, so many tales they will have to share when they reminisce in years to come, I am sure.
When a newborn enters the family, your children will never be this far apart in ages again, every day from now on they will become closer relatively in age. What a great reason, not that you ever need one, to photograph them at this very special time…

Thankyou so much Frea and Reece for having me visit you in Perth to photograph your growing brood, and so thrilled to have a vacant block at your doorstep! I loved every minute of my double visit to you xx

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A Growing Country Family | Goomalling Family Photographer

There is something very special about becoming a family of 4, not just 3, I remember the feeling well, it is a time when you feel your heart will explode, because you just can’t imagine how you could possibly love another as much as you do your first. You are amazed at your ability to do so. And this time you can enjoy all these feelings, because all the everyday things like feeding sleeping settling are not new skills to be learnt. There is so much wonder within the family, and so much enjoyment.

And this is what I saw and experienced when I travelled to Goomalling to spend a few hours with this recently expanded family, photographing them being a new family of 4. And I loved it.

So wonderful to meet you all, my family xxx

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A 2 girl Family | Wongan Hills Family Photographer

At the end of a winding road I found Cameron and Charlie’s house. Where they live with their Mum and Dad. Cameron showed me her new precious baby sister, and we all played for a couple of hours. Inside the house, then out on the farm, in the crops, and then under the trees. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Thankyou Kate and Gary for having me, I really enjoyed meeting you all.

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