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    Hello, What is your story? Let me help me tell it for you. I am a family and wedding photographer based in the small wheatbelt town of Kalannie, I travel to Perth and throughout country WA to meet and share time with clients in their homes and surrounds. I will be a witness for you; soaking up your baby's newborn smell, enjoying your children's laughter, celebrating the years you have been together, and I will present to you a collection of images that are a precious reminder of those most important to you. I love photographing weddings, but only a limited number per year. I want to help tell you story, so until we meet, Jo

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Farewell| Dalwallinu Family Photographer

This beautiful little family came to visit me before they move back to the big smoke. One false start when we had to postpone due to rain, and I am so glad we did, as the light just 2 days later was simply divine. The crops and bush all freshly watered. A spring in everyone’s step that is contagious. And 3 adorable little children who were up for playing, and we had a lovely time on our visit to Bali, where we saw monkeys, and motorbikes with 100 people on them…. just such lovely fun….

Thankyou Ryan and Michelle for coming all the way out to Goodlands, all the very best with your new position Ryan.
Jo x

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Two soon to be Three | Perth Maternity Photographer

Little one
you will arrive
when you do
you will be loved
and adored

Michelle and Shayne, I can’t wait to meet your new little person in a few weeks, much joy and happiness to you
Jo x

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What a Family! | Perth Family Photographer

“Ring Ring….

Hello, this is Jo,

Hi Jo, this is Stephanie, I would like to surprise my family for my 60th birthday by organising you to come and do a family portrait session with all of us.”

Now that is one amazing lady!  To organise her own 60th birthday present, as a wonderful gift and surprise for her family.  Now have another look at this family! 4 children and 11 grandchildren ranging in age from 18 to 6 months, all of whom she is obviously so very proud.  Not to mention a couple of friends and 4 of her (8? I think) siblings!

Congratulations Stephanie, on your milestone birthday, and also on such a lovely family you have surrounding you.

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Family | Beloved Perth Family Photographer

Beloved Family

I met this lovely family, we spent a little while together, we had some fun and I took my fill of images.

Then it started to rain.

Optimistically, we headed to our next planned location… the beach! but it rained a whole lot more. Looking like drowned rats we went to the beachside restaurant, sat by the fire, watched the storm clouds roll past, the gail force winds and rain pelting down, or rather sideways. We sipped coffee and chatted, and chatted, and chatted.

Then, the rain cleared, so we headed back down to the beach, we were there after all, it was still light enough, just.

And this is what happened…

Thankyou so much for a lovely afternoon, Cat and Andy, thankyou for the coffee, thankyou for the chat, and thankyou for being you in front of me.

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Beloved | WA Family Photographer


For just a moment,

Look around you

Who do you see?

Take that person,


just a few moments with them.


Tell truths


Just Be

Just Be… loved

And then…. enjoy the images, they are reminders, reminders of how much that person means to you.

Beloved is a way to remind ourselves how much we feel for eachother. I will provide a space for you to remember, by asking you questions, allowing you to imagine, and feel.  You will feel comfortable, you will have fun, you will even for a few moments, likely forget that I am there.

Thankyou so much to Sally and Clayton for allowing me to experience Beloved with them.

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